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1992 VENTURI 400 TROPHY -  Eligible to the 90's Endurance Legends - Silvertone Classic - Spa Classic, Grand Prix de l'Age d'Or and the new MASTERS ENDURANCE LEGENDS series 

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A rare car which sports an excellent reputation…

The Venturi 400 Trophy is a very rare French car. Only 73 of them were built, between 1992 and 1994.

With over 400 horsepower under the bonnet and a chassis designed by the engineer who also designed and developed the chassis of the Courages of Le Mans 24 Hours fame, the Venturi 400 Trophy has a fine pedigree.


As proof, the Venturi Trophy races which the car was built for found great favour with the Gentlemen Drivers.


The Venturi 400 Trophy’s fine balance, excellent road-holding properties and the power delivered by its 3-litre PRV turbo-compressor engine have always impressed those who drove it. The car quickly acquired an excellent reputation. Today, its intrinsic qualities still endear it to the lucky drivers who get a chance to drive it on a race-circuit.


... and an interest which is still on the increase

A new development has further increased interest in this car: the introduction of a new series of races and demonstrations, such as the 90’s GT Legends at the Silverstone Classic, SPA CLASSIC, Grand Prix de l'Age d'or at Dijon, GT Classic in France and the new Masters Endurance Legends.

These events open up exciting new prospects for lucky 1990s GT racing car owners, who can henceforth enter their cars for truly first-rate events. Given its rarity value and its easy maintenance and driving virtues, the 400 Trophy is a model which more and more discerning collectors are seeking to acquire….


The Ascott Collection’s 400 Trophy N°57

The Ascott Collection’s Venturi 400 Trophy car is the 57st 400 Trophy built by the firm. In 1992, it was on display at the Paris show "Mondiale de l'automobile".  It took part in the Venturi Challenge with Pierre Regnault at the wheel.


The car was next acquired by a French collector who kept it in his private collection up to 2006. During his ownership, the car only took part in a few track day events. It then has been bought by a french Gentleman driver who participated to several events such as LM Story at Le Mans, Sport et Collection at Le Vigeant.

In March 2015, it has been sold by Ascott Collection to the current owner who entered the 400 Trophy in several races on the french GT Classic serie. 


Today, Venturi 400 Trophy cars are in great demand and it is extremely rare to find one in such a good state as regards both presentation and running qualities.


Asking Price : 160.000 €

Technical specifications


: 400 Trophy

: 1992

: 0057

: Unibody

: Kevlar Carbon fibre 

: PRV 3 litre Double Turbo

: 407 hp @ 7 200 t/mn

: Sadev

: 1020 kg




Chassis number







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90s GT Legends Silverstone Classic
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