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Satisfying the expectations of the most demanding collectors

Making full use of its wide experience, Ascott Collection possesses real ability to source and sell outstanding cars from all over the world, invariably providing informed advice.


Transparency is the cornerstone of Ascott's ability to act solely in the interest of its customers and in complete confidentiality.


Focusing on the very finest specimens

Ascott's philosophy rests on a selective approach to cars that stand out by their beauty, their history, their track record or their overall condition.


Independence and discretion

Thanks to its independence in terms of its capital and business interests, Ascott conducts each of its operations in the sole interest of its clients and in the utmost discretion.

To help you buy or sell a car, Ascott Collection offers you :

  • A one-time commission payment calculated on the basis of the car’s price level, considerably lower than the rates set by auction houses

  • A commitment to obtain results in complete transparency, formalized in a sales mandate

  • A marketing strategy suited to the specific requirements of each client

  • Our market experience and knowledge of current market price trends

  • A commitment to straightforward dealing with both seller and purchaser


If you wish to discuss your project in complete confidentiality, just contact Xavier Micheron on +33 (0)6 17 49 42 50

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Xavier Micheron and the Howmet TX
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A passion for classic cars is the Ascott Collection company’s very raison d’être

Competition, technological innovation, history, beauty and rarity are the common characteristics of the cars which make up the collection.


A collection in constant movement: All the cars are ready to race

The Howmet TX, powered by a helicopter turbine, is particularly emblematic of the company’s DNA. Bringing such a machine back into racing took a good deal of passion, perseverance and daring. What a pleasure it is, though, to set its turbine whizzing at over 57,000 revolutions per minute in the various events it races in!


A collection in perpetual evolution

The vitality of passion is also to be found in the choices that are made in managing the collection. New specimens join it regularly and certain cars leave it to join other collections. It's a natural life cycle. And occasionally, Ascott Collection parts with some vehicles... to acquire others.