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2007 PESCAROLO LMP1 – 3rd in the 2007 le Mans 24 Hours race. The last private racing-team car to make the podium at the le Mans 24 Hours. Eligible for Daytona Classic, Masters Le Mans Legends Series and Global Endurance Legends

The le Mans 24 Hours is part of his DNA

With his 33 line-ups at the le Mans 24 Hours race, Henri Pescarolo is a legend at the most famous endurance race in the world.


In 2000, he set up his own racing team, competing with Courages built in le Mans. From 2007 onwards, PESCAROLO SPORTS built its own cars, powered by JUDD engines. The same year, as the firm ran into financial difficulties, it was bought up by the French duo of Jacques Nicolet (OAK RACING) and Joël Riviére (Prestige Racing).


The last private racing-team car to make the podium at the le Mans 24 Hours

In 2007, the PESCAROLO 01/005 which we now have the pleasure of offering for sale hoisted itself to 3rd place in the le Mans 24 Hours race, driven by Emmanuel Collard, Jean-Christophe Bouillon and Romain Dumas. This performance was particularly remarkable since that year, AUDI and PEUGEOT waged a merciless war to win the race.

A perfectly documented history


During 2007, this PESCAROLO 01/005 LMP1 took part in the 2007 "le Mans Series" championship, in which it scored a large number of points. Following its 3rd place in the le Mans 24 Hours, it rose to second position in the overall rankings at the Spa 1000 km and the Silverstone 1000 km races. A third position was also achieved at the Nürburgring 1000 km race.


In 2008, still powered by the JUDD V10, it was entered for the "le Mans Series" championship by "Saulnier Racing", in the LMP1 category. It took part in the le Mans 24 Hours race for a second time, finishing in 26th position in the hands of a team of drivers composed of Richard Hein, Jacques Nicolet and Marc Faggionato.


In 2009, this time fitted out with a MAZDA turbo engine, the PESCAROLO was modified and named "Evo1" by the OAK RACING Team, competing henceforth in the LMP2 class.


At the Catalunya 1000 km race, it managed 12th position. It was again entered for the le Mans 24 Hours, with Richard Hein, Jean-François Yvon and Jacques Nicolet at the wheel, and finished 20th.


In 2010 and 2011, still in the livery of the OAK RACING Team, the chassis was fitted with a JUDD V8 engine.


At the end of the 2011 season, the PESCAROLO 01/005 was entirely restored to its 2007 le Mans 24 Hours configuration by the OAK RACING Team, and the JUDD V10 GV5 was reinstalled after being overhauled by JUDD.


This historic car can be purchased with a large number of parts, since the seller both possesses a sizeable stock of parts and his teams are able to manufacture new parts. This PESCAROLO is thus ideal, both as a collector’s piece and for taking part in the Daytona Classic 24 Hours race.


Price on request


Technical specifications




Chassis number








: 01 LMP1

: 2007

: 005

: Carbon monocoque

: Kevlar Carbon

: JUDD V10 5,496 litre

: 650 hp @ 7.800 rev/min

: 6-speed sequential X-track

: 900 kg

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