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The only one in the world

Fantastic Racing history: Daytona 24 Hours, 1000km de Paris...

Eligible for Classic Endurance Racing, Daytona Classic 

The Nomad GT Mk1 is the only model of its kind in the world

The Mk1 was namely the first car built by the young British firm set up by Mark Konig and Bob Curl, formerly with Lotus. Only three racing cars were built by Nomad. Of these, the Mk1 is in fact the only coupé and it is by far the best-looking model, with the most impressive race record. After its first tests on the Lyddon Hill circuit, the new-comer was raced for the first time in 1967 at the Crystal Palace meeting. On numerous occasions, Konig chose to team up with Tony Lanfranchi. The Nomad truly deserved its name since the first three years of its life saw it taking part in a large number of races all over Europe and even crossing the Atlantic in 1968 to compete in the Daytona 24 Hours.

Its impressive race record includes:
  • Three participations in the Nürburgring 500 Kilometres and the Mugello GP,

  • Two participations in the Brands Hatch 6 Hours Race, the Targa Florio, the Paris 1000 Kilometres and the Nürburgring 1000 Kilometres

  • One participation in the Rheims 12 Hours Race, the Trophé d’Auvergne, the Imola 500 Kilometres, an entry for the 1968 Le Mans 24 Hours Race where it was given Number 73  but did not start the race, and one participation in the Daytona 24 Hours Race, as mentioned above.


The body, which was originally made entirely of aluminium, was designed by Bob Curl and built by the celebrated English coach-builder Williams & Pritchard. Over time, the body design underwent some slight changes. As early as 1968, the front and rear bonnets were modified and are now made of glass fibre, with the central part of the body still made of aluminium.


The multi-tubular chasis is robust and very well designed. Over the course of its life, the Nomad Mk1 has had several different engines. The original one was a 1600cc 4-cylinder Ford engine prepared by Chris Steele, mated to a Hewland MK9 gearbox. Its power was given as 175 bhp at 7800 rev/min. Its capacity was then raised to 1800cc, and finally the Nomad was given the fragile BRM V8 1500cc engine.


Today, the car is in perfect general and racing condition. Its 1800cc Ford Twin Cam engine, fully bench tested, delivers 192 hp. The car comes with a complete follow-up record, numerous maintenance invoices and a complete dossier, including the original car registration document in the name of Mark Konig.

Racing record


1967.05.29 – Crystal Palace – Anerley Trophy
#91 --- Mark Konig (GB) – Nomad Mk1 Ford / Result: DNF (8th)

1967.06.18 – Charade – Trophée d’Auvergne
#29 --- Mark Konig (GB) - Nomad Mk1 Ford / Grid: 11th - Result: 7th (1st class S1.6)


1967.06.24 – Reims 12h
#59 --- Mark Konig (GB) / Rollo Fielding (GB) - Nomdad Mk1Ford / Result: DNF (clutch)

Mugello GP 1967

1967.07.23 – Mugello GP
#14 --- Mark Konig (GB) - Nomad Mk1 Ford / Result: 12th (3rd class P2.0))

1967.08.13 – Croft – Wills Trophy
#? --- Konig - Nomad Mk1 Ford / DNS (engine)


1967.09.03 – Nurburgring 500km
#6 --- Konig - Nomad Mk1 Ford / Result: DNF (17th – 3rd class P1.6)


Phoenix Park 1967 

1967.09.17 – Phoenix Park (Irl)
#18 --- Mark Konig (GB) – Nomad Mk1 Ford / Result: DNF (engine)

1967.10.15 – Paris 1000km
#40 --- Konig / Lanfranchi - Nomad Mk1 Ford / Grid: 22nd (3’12’’7) – Result: 12th (1st class)


1968.02.04 – Daytona 24h
#10 --- Konig / Lanfranchi - Nomad Mk1 Ford 1.6 / Grid: 31st (2’16’’71) - Result: 24th


1968.04.07 – Brands Hatch BOAC 6h
#49 --- Konig / Lanfranchi - Nomad Mk1 – Ford 1.8 / Grid: 19th (1’42’’0) - Result: DNF (22 laps – camshaft)

1968.04.25 – Monza 1000km
#32 --- Koenig / Lanfranchi – Nomad Mk1 – Ford / DNA (source: WSRP)

1968.05.05 – Targa Florio
#208 --- Konig / Lanfranchi - Nomad Mk1 Ford / Result: 32nd

1968.05.19 – Nurburgring 1000km
#48 --- Konig / Lanfranchi - Nomad Mk1 Ford 1.6 / Grid: 50th (10’30’’4) - Result: DNF (electrics)

1968.05.26 – Spa 1000km
#20 --- Konig – Nomad Mk1 Ford / DNA

1968.06 – Montlhéry
Nomad Mk1 / Result: DNF

1968.06.18 – Anderstorp
Nomad Mk1 / Result: DNF


1968.07.28 – Mugello GP
#12 --- Konig / Lanfranchi – Nomad Mk1 BRM / on entry list, refused

1968.08.18 – Wunstorf (SP2.0)
#? --- Konig – Nomad Mk1 BRM / Result: DNF (source: RSC)

1968.08.25 – Jyllandsring – Ford GP
#? --- Nomad Mk1 BRM / Result: 6th


1968.09.04 – Nurburgring 500km
#12 --- Mark Konig - Nomad Mk1 BRM / Grid: 8th (10’00’’3) - Result: 5th

1968.09.15 – Imola 500km
#7 --- Koenig - Nomad Mk1 – BRM / Result: 7th

1968.09.29 – Le Mans 24h
#73 --- Konig / Lanfranchi – Nomad Mk1 Ford / NA

1968.10.13 – Paris 1000km
#24 --- Konig / Lanfranchi - Nomad Mk1- BRM 2l / Grid: 22nd - Result: 14th


1969.04.13 – Brands Hatch 6h – BOAC 500
#81 --- Peter Jackson (GB) / Mike Crabtree (GB) - Nomad Mk1 BRM (Entrant: Julian Hasler) / Grid: 33rd (1’46’’2) - Result: 22nd


1969.05.04 – Targa Florio
#236 --- Jackson / Clive Baker (GB) - Nomad Mk1 BRM / Practice: 40’50’’0) – DNS (accident in practice)


1969.06.01 – Nurburgring 1000km
#46 --- Jackson / Carbree - Nomad Mk1 BRM / Grid: 47th (10’20’’6) - Result: DNF (23 laps – ignition)

1969.07.20 – Mugello GP
#32 --- Peter Jackson – Nomad Mk1 BRM (Entrant: J. Hasler) / DNS

1969.09.01 – Brands Hatch – Guards Trophy
#114 --- Peter Jackson (GB) – Nomad Mk1 BRM (Entrant: Julian Hasler) / Result: 19th

1969.09.07 – Nurburgring 500km
#? --- Jackson - Nomad Mk1 BRM / Result? (4th class P1.6)

1969.09.09 – Brands Hatch – STP championship Race
#? --- Willie Green (GB) - Nomad Mk1 BRM / Result: 2nd




Technical specifications




Chassis number







: Nomad

: GT MK1

: 1967

: 1

: Tubular steel

: Glass Fibre

: 1,8 litre Twin Cam Ford

: 192 hp @ 7.200 rev/min (Bench tested)

: Hewland MK9

: 550 kg

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