MATRA 670 B  Electric car for children - Signed by Henry Pescarolo - Eligible for Little Big Mans (Took part in 2016) - One of two built

matra little big mans à vendre
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matra little big mans à vendre 4
matra little big mans à vendre 2
matra little big mans à vendre 3

1/2 scaled Matra 670 B driven by Pescarolo/Larrousse, winner of the 1974 Le Mans 24 hours race.

This particular electric MATRA 670 B has been signed by Henry Pescarolo when it has been entered in the 2016 Little Big Le Mans.

It is of of two built.

Weight: 110 Kg
Dim: 250 X 110 cm

Built by a talented Matra enthusiast. 
Chassis number: 01/2016
Body : Glass fibre

Chassis : Tubular alloy

Engine: Electric engine of a Pocket Quad, 48 volts, 1000 watts, 2 speeds + reverse - 4 x 12 volt batteries 

Transmission: Chain drive

It comes with the battery charger


Not available for sale


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