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1961 FACEL VEGA HK 500 - Right hand drive

Le luxe à la Française

The “HK 500” in the name of this French-style GT comes from its weight/power ratio (Horse per Kilogram in English) of 5 kilos per horse-power, which was exceptional for its period. This ultimate version of the series of FV coupés which started in 1954 is a two-door model powered by a V8 Chrysler 5.9l  engine capable of reaching 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds.  With its highly attractive appearance derived from its completely distinctive radiator grill and panoramic wind-screen, the HK 500 was a showcase in America for the French idea of luxury.

The model being offered for sale is one of the HK1 series, which was the very last model, equipped with four disk brakes. It is in very good condition. Both the coachwork and the chrome parts are in very good condition. The passenger compartment is well-preserved and in very good condition.



The car was built in April 1961 per order of the UK Agent H.W.M., production/body number is 827, engine number TY7-212107 (Chrysler V8 wedge, 383 cu.inch/6,2 L), Automatic gearbox (3 speed Chrysler Torqueflite), disc brakes and power steering, Right Hand Drive.


Agent H.W.M. sold the car new to Mr. Ernest Doe (owner/director of Ernest Doe & Sons in Ulting/Essex, dealing in tractors and agricultural machinery) on the 9th of November 1961, probably with a discount because the new Facel II had already been introduced on the market.

From H.W.M. records it is known, that Mr Doe did not like the power steering and had it removed.

In April 1964 the car was sold to Mr. Pryor in Navestock/Essex.

In 1970 the car turned up for sale and was bought by Mr. Michael Mirecki, living in North London, who kept it until 1980. In 1990, it apparently was sold to France, to Mr. Kaluziner and then it has been bought in 2000 by the current owner.

It is currently registered in Switzerland.


Price reduction: 120.000 €


Technical specifications




Chassis number







: Facel Vega

: HK 500 - HK1

: 1961

: 827

: Tubular - Steel

: Steel

: V8 Chrysler 5,9 l

: 360 hp@ 5.200 rev/min

: three-speed automatic

: 1.650 kg

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