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1972 DUCKHAMS LM - Ford Cosworth DFV V8 3 litre - 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1972, 1973 and 1974

In a recent interview published by Classic Driver, Alain de Cadenet remembers the birh of the Duckhams LM

"At the end of 1971, the five-litre prototype sports cars such as the 917 and 512 became obsolete, as the formula moved to three litres. Ferrari was running the 312PB, which I thought was the most jewel-like little thing they did, like a little Formula 1 go-kart. I went to the factory to see about running one, and was told they would never sell them to privateers as they were ‘too difficult to run’. I was pissed off, because I considered myself to be perfectly capable of running them.

Anyway, I met this young guy in the design studio at Brabham, and he had this innate way of describing technical details in layman’s language – his name was Gordon Murray. When Ferrari had turned me down, I asked him, “Do you think you could design a two-seater chassis that looks a bit like a Ferrari 312PB to fit my Brabham bits?” And that’s exactly what he did. I’d always wanted to have my own prototype type car and I thought if Ferrari wouldn’t let me have a car, I’d bloody well build my own and beat the bugger, and that’s what we set out to do".


This unique Le Mans car is entirely restored and ready to race. Back in LM 1972 short tail configuration, it is ready to particpate to the most pretigious events.


Information and price available on request.


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: LM

: 1972

: 1

: Alloy monocoque

: Fibre

: 3 Litre V8 Ford Cosworth DFV

: 500 hp @ 10.000 rev/min

: Hewland DG 500 - 5 speeds

: 700 kg

On board the 1972 DUCKHAMS LM - Le Mans Classic 2012