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Ford Cosworth DFV V8 3 litres

24 heures du Mans en 1972, 1973 et 1974

"At the end of 1971, the five-litre prototype sports cars such as the 917 and 512 became obsolete, as the formula moved to three litres. Ferrari was running the 312PB, which I thought was the most jewel-like little thing they did, like a little Formula 1 go-kart. I went to the factory to see about running one, and was told they would never sell them to privateers as they were ‘too difficult to run’. I was pissed off, because I considered myself to be perfectly capable of running them.

Anyway, I met this young guy in the design studio at Brabham, and he had this innate way of describing technical details in layman’s language – his name was Gordon Murray. When Ferrari had turned me down, I asked him, “Do you think you could design a two-seater chassis that looks a bit like a Ferrari 312PB to fit my Brabham bits?” And that’s exactly what he did. I’d always wanted to have my own prototype type car and I thought if Ferrari wouldn’t let me have a car, I’d bloody well build my own and beat the bugger, and that’s what we set out to do". Propos de M Alain de Cadenet receuillis par Classic Driver dans un récente interview.


Cette voiture unique est entièrement restaurée. Elle est prête à participer aux événements les plus prestigieux auquels elle apportera une contribution remarquable.


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: LM

: 1972

: 1

: Monocoque Aluminium

: Fibre 

: Ford Cosworth DFV V8 3 litres

: 500 chevaux @ 10.000 t/mn

: Hewland DG 500 à 5 rapports

: 700 kg




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A bord de la DUCKHAMS LM au Mans Classic 2012